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ARTS SOCIETY Didsbury's Not For Profit Society of 2015!
Visit the homepage of the Mountain View Arts Society, the organization hosting the Art Show & Sale at the Didsbury Art, Travel and Trade Expo, the Mountain View Rocks rock concert, and the Mountain View Arts Festival.
The Mountain View Arts Society is a group of volunteers in Didsbury and the surrounding region who support the arts, whether by hosting events or facilitating in the promotion of artists, musicans, writers, and dancers in Mountain View County.
Contact any member of the Board of Directors if you would like to volunteer with the Society, or participate in one of our events.
We invite you to buy a membership in the Society and help us promote arts, culture and heritage in Didsbury, Olds, Sundre, Carstairs, and Cremona Alberta, and their surrounding communities.
Coming Events include the Art Show & Sale held during the Didsbury Trade Show in April and the Mountain View Arts Festival in September. Tell us your event and we'll help promote it too.
Website Links and Resources for those involved in the arts in Alberta.
The Mountain View Arts Society promotes and encourages a variety of artistic
opportunities and events for the enrichment and enjoyment of the general public.
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Peak Theatre Prod'n
Quilt Auction
Terra Hazelton
Peak Theatre Prod'n
Dropped Stitches
Quilt Auction
3 4
Pancake breakfast
DHS Band Concert
Shortcake and Song
Srs Week Event
Srs Week Event
Ice Cream Social
Srs Week Event
Westglen BandConcert
DHS Band Concert
Tasty Pages
Seniors Week Event
Srs Week Event
Srs Week Event
Block Party
Heritage Market
Dance The Sundowners
Walking Tour
Heritage Market
Train Club Meets
Heritage Market
Pie Social
Heritage Market
Heritage Market
Heritage Market
2A Band Concert
Seniors Lunch
12 13 14
Scrabble for seniors
15 16
Summer Oldstice
Faith Fest
17 18 19
Movie at CES
20 21
Crafts for Adults
Indigenous Day
Indigenous Day
Crafts for Adults
Saturday Matinee
Barbara-Mae Concert
MVAS Sustainability
Rodeo Cabaret
Celtic Festival
24 25 26 27 28
DHS Graduation
Theatre Camp Registr
DHS Graduation
Train Club Meets
Art Show and Sale
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Supporting arts, culture & heritage in Carstairs, Cremona, Didsbury, Olds, Sundre and the surrounding Central Alberta communities between Red Deer and Calgary.
Logo designed by Lyle Schulz. Venues sponsored by the Town of Didsbury. Stay overnight at the Rosebud Valley Campground at the east entrance to Didsbury. The Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program was created to help you celebrate your community, its past and its present. Situated where the foothills of the Canadian Rockies meet the fertile plains, Mountain View County is in the heart of Alberta's Calgary - Edmonton corridor. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts provides support to arts organizations, giving them the power to inspire minds, encourage expression, foster creativity, and contribute to Alberta's economy. The Mountain View Arts Society is proud to be a Partner with Alberta's Promise.